"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,

but when there is nothing left to take away."

....Antoine de Saint Exupéry, 1939


Hi ZRX (and Brand X) Fanatics!

I'm Pete Aronson, otherwise know as "KWICK" on the ZRX Owners' Association forum at www.ZRXOA.com.

At ExpenseiveLightweightStuff.com, I am serious about making your motorcycle lighter, faster, more durable and/or easier to service. ExpensiveLightweightStuff/Hyper-Formance has been  since 1991. I specialize in making parts for the ZRX1100, ZRX1200R and ZRX DAEG. Not just the everyday "ZRX" engraved bar ends...but unique, lightweight parts and also necessary items and services.

This will be a VERY good year for ZRX enthusiasts!  I have ended my Schwinn Sting-Ray Biz to concentrate on your ZRX’s.

This month, July 2017, I have started Öhlins shock servicing...I have wanted to do this for some time now and I also will be creating a full set of shock tools this month

Öhlins Shock Service

As you know, I am a member at www.TechShop.ws and basically have a 15,000 square foot machine shop at my disposal to use 15 hours a day.  In February, ’16 I hired an Engineer/Designer to help me create my three inch ring binder full of ideas. I have been busy designing and producing 3D Printed parts, tools and accessories, In the coming few weeks you will see stuff added to my website daily... Stay Tuned to this Bat Channel...

ExpenseiveLightweightStuff.com is a dealer for Galfer brake products, FactoryPro jetting, APE, SuperSprox, Ivan’s, RaceTech, Ron Davis Radiators, MegaCycle Cams, Galfer, along with many exclusive products not available from anyone else. Most of what I carry I manufacture in-house.

We accept all major Plastic (credit cards) and PayPal. See Ordering Info Individual items have shipping prices listed. ELS will ship parts ANYWHERE in the World...we have shipped to South Korea, Malta, Columbia, Japan, Italy, Croatia, Scotland, Moscow, UAE, Thailand...you get the drift.

I followed the creation of the ZRX in 1997 thru various foreign magazines. Finally in 1999, they were available in the USA! I went down to Kelly's Kawasaki in Mesa, AZ, sat on Calista, and after she was prepped, she accompanied me home. We have been having a "mod"  and love affair since. I have put over 76,000 miles on her over the years. I've done track days, drag raced, toured and cruized the local haunts. I even got rear ended on her, and just before surgery on my arm, I had my wife go pick her up from the tow yard so as she would not get violated. I rebuilt her while going thru therapy and she's better than ever! Just like my 1977 KZ650C1 was, Calista is a "do all" bike.

I've been turning wrenches for 46 of my 57 years on this planet. If you have any technical questions, I'll be glad to try and answer them for you...Call or email me...PM's on the board may take longer for a response. Emails are better as they stay on my screen till I answer them: Pete@Hyper-Formance.com  I also have the best library of ZRX books and magazines, foreign & domestic, in the World.

I hope you'll like what you see at Hyper-Formance's "Expensive Lightweight Stuff"!

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WARNING: ELS Products MAY CONTAIN, or be Made With, Patented Parts, Tools, Components and/or Apparati. Manufacturing Facility DOES Contain Nuts.

Photos & Video:

Lightweight Stuff!

Willow Springs

March ’06

Willow Springs

November ’05

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Serving Suggestion

Pete Aronson, aka KWICK

315 West Elliot Road

Suites 107-487

Tempe, AZ 85284




Me and my 71 CB500 w/CB550F bodywork at Phoenix International Raceway in 1979

Racing in PRRO competition

Note two pair of jeans & work boots...it’s amazing I’m alive today!

The Kimtab Magnesium wheels were the beginning of my lightweight addiction...

Taken before color was invented :-)

Serving Suggestion