< ELS Advancers are easy to install!

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ZZR1200, ZL900 & ZL1000 Advancers:

ZRX1100/1200R & ZX11D Advancers:

ZX11D +2º

ZRX +4º

ZL900/1000 +4º

ZX11D +2º

ZZR1200 +4º

NEW Addition!

2001-2005 Yamaha FZ1

1998-2001 Yamaha R-1

ZX6E, ZX-7R, ZX-9R

+4º Advancers

$45.00 plus $6.00 shipping

FZ1/R-1 +4º

KWICK’S +2º or +4º ZRX1100/ZRX1200R,

+4º ZL900/ZL1000, +2º ZX11D and +4º ZZR1200

FZ1 & R-1 +4º Advancers

An “Advancer” is an ignition rotor that has a different location of the “trigger” points. The trigger points control the ignition by whizzing past the ignition pickup. Usually they are advanced from stock, but like the turbo guys know, sometimes a retarded advancer is needed. Stock ZRX ignition timing is 10 degrees before top dead center at idle. My ZRX +4º is 14 degrees and my +2º is 12 degrees BTDC. The ZRX really can use these. I used to say they did not, but thru my research I learned that there have been advancers with +0.5º out there, that when installed, made virtually zero difference and that is the cause for this inconsistency in performance reports

^ Lexan Timing Cover by Jason7019, email:

I have a lot of my advancers on the road now, and everyone has good comments on them. The most interesting comments are smoother running and easier starting...the smoothness is because of the accuracy of the laser cutting. Advancing the timing often lowers the peak coolant temp a old hotrodders’ trick... and also can raise the gas mileage slightly. The best result is the increased throttle response and roll-on acceleration. You will like my advancers, I am so confident, I am offering a money-back guarantee if you do not. I have sold thousands with no dissatisfied customers.

ZRX1100/ZRX1200R advancer, either +2º or +4º, are $45.00 each

ZX11D +2º or +4º advancers are $45.00 each

ZL900/ZL1000 or ZZR1200 +4º advancers are $45.00 each

Genuine ELS Lazzzer-Cut pulser cover gaskets are $6.44 each

Shipping in a Flat Rate Priority Mail box, any quantity of advancers and/or gaskets, $7.00

Outside the USA, shipping is $24.95 to anywhere else on Earth.

PayPal to: or Plastic online or by phone.

Easy Advancer Advance Pick?

ZRX with stock compression with stock ignition ECU, or with ZX11D ECU, run +4º

ZRX with 12:1 or 12.5:1 compression motors, run the +2º

Any ZRX1100 or 1200R with ZX11D ECU, with any or no mods w/stock compression: ZX11D +4º

ZX11D with stock compression, run +4º, 12.5:1 compression run +2º

ZL900, ZL1000 or ZZR1200 with stock compression, run +4º

Again, these are really +2 and +4 degree advancers, created with some pretty exact aircraft laser technology. My Advancers are guaranteed to increase your throttle response, or return for a refund. You’ll like ‘em! ...a lot! Even I’m impressed.     ...true story...

Click on the ZRX Tech link for installation instructions. Any questions, please call me.

Any combo not listed below is available, email or call for quote.

Unplug your K-Trik throttle position switch for even better throttle response...really...yes, really.